Braza meat list
Picanha (Rump cap): Most tender part of Rump. Very popular in Brazilian restaurants. Served with just rock salt or with garlic butter.
Alcatra (Rump): Also very popular cut in Brazil. Expertly grilled to succulent perfection.
Maminha (Brazilian cut): Traditional cut and slowly spit roasted to perfection.
Fraldinha (Bottom Sirloin): Strong marbling characteristics, Uncomparable. Very distinctive and falvourful cut from Brazil.
Costela de Boi (Beef ribs): juicy ribs of beef slowly cooked to preserve rich flavour.
Cordeiro (Lamb): Our Gaucho chefs prepare whole legs of lamb with Olive oil, Rosemary…Perfect lamb.
Frango (Chicken): Breast wrapped on bacon, thighs, legss and chicken hearts. Using very traditional marinates…spicy, garlic butter and many more.

Linguica (Homemade sausage): Homemade, succulent and delicious pork sausage, smoked sausage, chicken sausage, beef sausage…using special Brazilian mix of spices, will complement your “Churrasco” experience.